Emma & Grace Bridal Studio Interview | Wedding Vendor Wednesday

July 9, 2014

Emma & Grace Bridal Studio Interview | Wedding Vendor Wednesday

Wedding Vendor Wednesday

We worked with Emma & Grace last year for our feature on the cover of Rocky Mountain Bridal Magazine, and I have fallen in love with their dresses and their staff over the last year. It has easily become one of my favorites in Denver.

I went down a few weeks ago to take some photos of their gorgeous designer dresses, and so that you can see their adorable little studio. Definitely check it out if you are in need of a wedding dress.
I promise you will be well taken care of.

1. Tell me a little about yourself?
We (Terrie and Mayra) are two friends who have a great passion for bridal and creating things. We both have been in the bridal business for many years and because of the closing of Pracilla of Boston, we decided we wanted to try our own venture. We really wanted to create a new way to do bridal in Denver.

2. Where did the name Emma & Grace come from?
They are family names. It came for our desire to have an old name, Grace, and a young name, Emma, because we are selling to a bride and her mother.

3. I feel like Emma & Grace carries dresses that are so intricate, and have so much detail that I’m not used to seeing, can you describe the bride that shops at your studio?
She is a bride who is looking for something different. She wants to have a hand in the creative process of her wedding and her gown. She is comfortable thinking outside the box, but also is looking for something feminine, beautiful, and pretty, yet something that is unique for her. She is not looking for a label, she is looking for a fit, a look, and a feeling. She is wonderful to work with.

4. What designers do you currently carry in your bridal studio?
Sareh Nouri, Suzanne Harward, Kelly Faetanini, Yolan Cris, Love Yu, St. Patrick, Anaiss, Truvelle, Theia, Sarah Janks L’Fay, Sue Wong,  & Mayra’s custom gowns.

5. I love your custom dresses, can you tell me a little bit about Mayra’s design process?
Mayra loves classics, and then will look at what the current trends are and then create her own classic version from those trends. She also listens to what the brides are telling her they want on our sales floor.

6. What is your favorite wedding trend that is going on in 2014?
I’ve been in bridal for 8 years, and each year I notice that the bride is getting more and more daring. To try and find something that is unique to her, and I love that. Whether it is color, a sleeve, or a high neck, it’s nice to see girls looking for something that’s not the same as everyone else.

7. What trend would you like to see go?
Short dresses, its hard to find good short dresses that don’t just look like reception dress.

8. Do you have any advice for brides coming to find their dream dress?
When you come shopping come with people who know you well, and only a few. Don’t try and go to every salon- you’ll make yourself crazy! Too many choices isn’t a good thing in wedding gown shopping. Keep your expectation open, but don’t overload yourself. I see girls come in feeling so overwhelmed, and they end up putting off their decision and then are faced with rush fees.

9. How can a bride prepare for her dress appointment? Anything she should wear in particular?
We provide a strapless bra and undergarments but it is helpful if they don’t wear bright colored underwear!

10. How far in advance do you recommend brides purchasing their dress?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We would love a year out, but most gowns can come in 6-8 months, and  then we need 8 weeks for alterations…but we can also get gowns on rushes, and some designer can turn things around really fast…I just sold to a bride who is getting married in late August..so it really depends on the designers and what time of year it is.
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