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August 20, 2014

Dj Vs. MC | Elite DJ

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We truly can’t stress how extremely important it is to hire a amazing DJ. Truly, its one of those things that it will either keep your party going, or have people leaving early. Just another reason why Elite DJ is one DJ’s we recommend to all of our brides and grooms.

I had a chance to meet up with Tasos from Elite DJ to chat a little bit about the difference between a DJ & MC. Take a peek.

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DJ vs MC is a very important thing to decide when planning your event. A Disc Jockey (DJ) is solely responsible for providing the music for an event where a master of ceremonies (MC) is responsible for making announcements and keeping up to date with the events of the evening.  Ideally, you want to find a DJ/MC that can handle both aspects with comfort and ease. Below are some key focal points to ask your DJ/MC when conducting your interviews.


Making Announcements:

I have heard of DJ’s being hired and not taking on the responsibilities of the MC, therefore leaving guest unaware of the events of the evening and causing unnecessary frustration for all parties.  When interviewing for a DJ/MC it is important to ask if they are comfortable making announcements and what their procedures are for improvisation and last minute requests.  Each event is special and unique and it is important to have a DJ/MC that recognizes and is comfortable with changes and any last minute requests.


The Timeline:

For any event you will have a number of people trying to work in unison to ensure everything flows according to plan and your DJ/MC shouldn’t be an exception.  A big difference between a DJ/MC and an exceptional DJ/MC is their level of involvement in throughout the night. Will they create or acquired a copy of the timeline before the event? Will they meet and coordinate with the event planner, photographers, caterers or any other important parties of the night? A great MC/DJ should be the central communicator between all the parties and they should be able to make any adjustments necessary to keep the night flowing perfectly.

Song Selection:

When meeting with your DJ/MC it is important to ask about how they go about making the right song selection.  It is important to convey the type of event you are hosting.  Typically for weddings, it is important to have a DJ that is comfortable with playing and mixing songs from different decades and genres.  When finalizing your playlist make sure that you confirm the correct versions of the songs and also to communicate artists or genres that you may not want to have played.  Remember that each event is special and unique and you should compile your playlist with the same mentality.

Getting the Party Started:

There are many methods DJ’s use to get the dance floor going. Most of them involve a type of group activity such as a money dance, anniversary dance or a group dance.  Whatever it may be make sure to review that part with your DJ to make sure they are comfortable with interacting with your guests and to avoid any surprises in the night.  Your playlist has a big part in ensuring your dance floor stays packed.  Make sure to take your time and consider the flow of the dance floor.


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