Our adventure sessions are not typical engagement sessions but they serve the same purpose. We think they’re way more fun. 

So what are they? Photos of your most ordinary days. We see our most ordinary days as the best part of our adventure together, so we want to make sure we photograph those days for our couples too.

We never photograph something you don’t do on a normal day. So we go to your favorite campsite or paddle boarding with your furry friends. We could come to your house while you play board games or cook dinner. We call them adventure sessions because it’s documenting the adventure of your life. We want this session to be all about you and your real connection.

Ali handles all of these and they might just be one of her very favorite part of this job. She’ll spend tons of time beforehand getting to know you and your story and then she will photograph the session for as long as it takes to capture the heart of your relationship.        

What is an adventure session?

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Jess + Eric - Archery + Bubble Baths


Jess + IAn  - Ice Skating