Our stories ultimately lead us to believe we weren’t deserving of love and we carried that belief into our relationship which made things very challenging, even though the answer to no longer feeling that way was right in front of our faces, we just needed to peel back the layers.

When we started dating, we had no idea what we were in for, and how our own personal stories would impact our relationship. I came from a very tight knit family background however there came a season where a family member made a choice to divide our family and my heart was broken. Through the years we gave tried to heal and in some ways we are stronger than ever. 

Our Story

We loved each other but things got tough and just before we were at our breaking point, we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, Taylor. It was the last thing we had expected and it was the greatest thing that had ever happened to us because it started to help us evolve into who we are today. 

So we started to be intentional with our time and with each other and we created a relationship that was playful, and we began to see a change. We found that a more playful relationship was a far better way for us to grow within ourselves and with each other. Over 4 years we re-fell in love and then decided marriage was for us. We found that our cameras are just tools to help our couples have a more intentional and playful marriage.

Garrett grew up never truly feeling valued until he developed a beautiful relationship with his grandfather. When Dale (or in our family, Grandpa D) was diagnosed and eventually passed away from cancer, Garrett lost himself as his grandfather was the only person he can remember ever telling him that he was loved.

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We tell terrible jokes and play stupid pranks on each other. We hold hiking in the mountains and playing board games at home with the same amount of love in our hearts. 

We "foster" dogs. We're using quotations because we keep adopting them. But above all, we really love our life together. Both the living and the working. We have the best daughter in the world and are slowly building a small but mighty zoo (3 dogs, 1 hamster, and two frogs.)

They say opposites attract, we say opposites make the best team. 

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We believe that building relationships with our couples is how we can not just capture intimate, genuine emotions, but it's also how we can impact their lives for the better. Our camera is a tool that allows us to help couples have a more playful and intentional marriage. 

In the summers you can find us camping and  4-wheeling  every chance we get.

Getting lost on a road trip has to be one of our favorite kind of date nights. 

Also, give us ALL THE DOGS!!!



Adventure is our style of