Let's be real. Any luxury wedding photographer can take beautiful photos of you holding hands, in front of a mountain, or surrounded by pretty things.
But if they don't understand your dynamic, your story, and what actually matters to you, your photos aren't going to feel like you. And neither will the experience.
Have photos you love.



Our own wedding day was a pivotal moment in creating our photography approach. While we hired an incredibly talented and respected photographer, our experience and our photographs while undeniably beautiful- did not feel true to us.

What was missing?: Our personalities, our playful dynamic, and our people. Our loved ones- who are an equally important part of our story

We want you to laugh, have fun, and genuinely be yourselves. So before the ceremony, you won't find us posing you, prompting you to kiss, or doing that awkward first look tap on the shoulder thing. Instead, we'll give you gentle cues and allow you to naturally walk or even sprint or even crawl up to each other if that's your thing. The rest of the day we'll take a candid approach, allowing the events of the day to naturally unfold so we can capture your love while you genuinely enjoy the experience.


And it was through this experience that we learned how important it is to make sure we capture your day and your story authentically, and in its entirety. 

Imagine, for a moment, looking back at the amazing moment when the two of you were finally wed. All the excitement and joy in the midst of all the loved ones that surround you. You want to see their faces and their emotions. But what if you can't? What if the photographer was only focused on the two of you?

This is why, on a day filled with many special moments, we not only focus on you and the beautiful scenery but also on the people that matter most to you. So that when you go back to relive it now and with future generations, you'll feel all the love, joy, and memories you experienced.

We want to give you the full story through photographs. And allow you to feel the full story with the people you love most.

Full story

Building relationships with our couples is not only how we capture intimate, genuine emotions, but how we impact lives for the better. 
And by digging deep and getting personal, you'll start to feel comfortable with us and, in turn, receive photos that feel genuine to your love.


They say opposites attract, 
we say opposites make the best team

We'd be perfectly fine living on a big piece of land in a tiny house, as long as we're together as a family. We have the best daughter in the world.

We don't care about things

We're using quotations because we keep adopting them. We are slowly building a small but mighty zoo (3 dogs, 3 ferrets, and two frogs.)

We "foster Animals"

Ali is a giver. She goes out of her way to make everyone feel seen and heard. 

Ali is a giver

Guys will be guys, which is why it’s so great to have Garrett around. Rather than having to tip toe around Ali, Garrett fits in seamlessly as just another one of the guys. Which allows everybody to be comfortable and themselves during getting ready photos.

-of experience to be equally enjoyed on both sides of the wedding party, so rather than one side sitting around bored while the other gets ready, we can incorporate fun activities whether it be fishing, poker, or whatever suits who you are. And having the ability to capture those experiences will not only make the morning more fun, but add to the full story and memories of your day.

We want the day

In the summers you can find us camping and 4-wheeling every chance we get.

Adventure is our style of romance: 

We’ll happily join you on wedding morning for an early yoga or fishing session to start the day off energized and peacefully.

We explore Colorado by camping off the beaten path. 

Getting lost on a road trip has to be one of our favorite kind of date nights. 

Above all, we really love our life together. Both the living and the working. 

"Neither my husband nor I enjoy being the center of attention. Now looking back, it was one of the most special parts of the day — Ali & Garrett worked their magic! They had us laughing and prompted us to share sweet stories with each other. The end result was authentic (and not posed) pictures and a fun memory that we will cherish." - Lauryn


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