We have found, over the years, that taking a less serious and more playful approach to your wedding photography can lead to an intentional, present and playful wedding day and marriage. 

your marriage should feel as fun as your engagement 

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Each of us brought our own personal history into our marriage. For better or for worse, those past lives impact our current relationship. And though our marriage hasn't always been easy, it's always been worth it. We've learned a thing or two in the last 10 years, intentionally building a playful relationship with each other. We cannot wait to share who we are with you.

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Ali & Garrett

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Maybe we’re breaking all the rules here, but that’s kinda what we’re all about. We are about challenging tradition and embracing connection. And we want to show your love exactly how you live it--no more and no less.

We believe that traditions shouldn't be lived out on your day just because it's been written in history to do so.

Your dress will get dirty, playful memories are made by not worrying about the little things... at the end of the day, it can be cleaned, and your story is better because of it. 

The word adventure has become a little bit of a cliche in the wedding world. It’s meant to draw in couples who want to hike a 14er on their wedding day, get married on a mountaintop, and have photos with most epic scenery. And while we are all for those weddings (seriously, we are!), we are really about the adventure of choosing your person to live life with.

Whether it’s an Adventure Session before your big day or at the actual wedding, we want to document your real-life connection. Not only the intimate poses you see in wedding photos but also the ones where you’re laughing and smiling because you’re just so dang in love. We’re here for adventure, whatever that means to you (and if adventure means bringing your dogs along to all the things, please please bring them!).
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