We meant it! We will never contrive a moment. The laughs and love you see in the images all over this site? We couldn’t fake that and neither could our incredible couples. We’ll create scenarios where you’re having such a good time that you forget you’re having your photo taken. We want every part of your wedding to be memorable, not just the photos you have of it. 

we do things differently?

remember how we said

It’s easy—we document what actually happens. We are witnesses to your story, not creators of it. We notice the emotional moments between the two of you and the ones with your guests. We’ll never miss a special connection with your parents, your friends, and your family. The people you chose to be with you on this day are important and we want you to have memories with them.

Oh and first looks! Our favorite. None of that awkward tapping on the shoulder. We want you to walk toward each other like you’re meeting your best friend for dinner. You get to take each other in fully. We love to photograph the buildup and anticipation as you hurry your way into each other’s arms. That embrace is just perfect in every way.

After 10 years and 200+ weddings, we have all.the.tricks to make sure you’re getting every photo you want while enjoying the day as if we weren’t even there. But trust us, you want us there.

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