You know that feeling when you know 100% that two people are perfect for each other? That’s the exact feeling I got when I met with Nicole & Joe about their wedding. It is so refreshing to see true, pure and real love. It truly is a one of a kind love. We felt so blessed to be a part of their big day. It was a absolutely perfect day. From all the DIY projects that Nicole completed, to the gorgeous decor of the ceremony. I love all the little pieces that came together to make their day complete. I loved how absolutely nervous Joe was before seeing Nicole for the first time. I am so excited to share their wedding day with you from this past weekend.


Nicole made these shoes herself 🙂

I love this pocket watch that Nicole got Joe!

When I first met with Nicole she had told me she wanted to do a first look, I was absolutely thrilled. Turns out, Joe’s parents also did a first look 30 something years ago

Loving this cake topper that they made.

By far the coolest exit as husband and wife!

Venue: Victorian Event Center at Heritage Square

Flowers: HMK Designs

Ceremony Musicians-Felicity Muench

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