This year has been an amazing year for personal relationships and my wedding clients. Laura was on the University of Northern Colorado cheer team my freshman year of College. When Laura & Brad contacted me to shoot their wedding I was elated. Coming up on the day there was a super awesome surprise that only a few of us knew about… Laura would be doing her grand entrance flying in on her dad’s airplane, and what a entrance it was, and it made for some amazing photos 🙂

Watching all the details come together for their big day was incredible. And it all came together beautifully. The black and yellow decor to the airplanes surrounding the entire reception. If you know me well, you know, I LOVE details 🙂

Laura made an absolutely gorgeous bride and I love that Brad is a Marine. I love that he has served for our country. There isn’t a single thing that could have been done to make their wedding go any better.

Here are some photos from the day. Enjoy


Laura is the plane above their heads 🙂

Brad and His Grandpa holding hands before the ceremony

Cutest little girl EVER 🙂

I love this picture 🙂



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